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Welcome to Hollon Family Chiropractic

Welcome to Hollon Family Chiropractic with two great locations in Mid-Missouri, Jefferson City, MO, and California, MO. Hollon Family Chiropractic’s mission is to inspire all individuals from newborn to over a century old to live life to the fullest through quality Gonstead chiropractic care, education, and service to the community. Drs. Derrijk Hollon and Hilary Wendell decided to become Jefferson City chiropractors and California chiropractors because they wanted to serve the growing families of these great communities.

It is because of their dedication to outstanding service that Hollon Family Chiropractic was named the 2019 Small Business of the Year by the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce. Hollon Family Chiropractic continues to serve Jefferson City, MO, and California, MO communities with quality chiropractic care, but also by partnering with local businesses and charities throughout the year to help make our communities a better place to live.

Hollon Family Chiropractic

Hollon Family Chiropractic - Jefferson City is conveniently located right down the hill from Target and Walmart on Stadium Boulevard just before you get to the round-about on the left-hand side.

Hollon Family Chiropractic - California is conveniently located on Smith Street a half-mile from Cargill and a two-minute drive from Oak Street.

All Hollon Family Chiropractic locations utilize the Gonstead technique of Chiropractic. Our doctors take all the time necessary to discuss and examine your specific health concerns. This is accomplished by listening to your case history, performing a full neurological and orthopedic examination, taking full spine x-rays (if necessary), and explaining our findings through a complete report of findings. These tools allow the doctors at Hollon Family Chiropractic to provide the most specific Gonstead adjustments.

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Hollon Family Chiropractic prides itself in being the leader in total family wellness chiropractic in both Jefferson City, MO, and California, MO. Our clinics see a wide variety of cases ranging from sports injuries, prenatal and pregnancy care, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Common conditions that we see: headaches, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, newborn reflux, colic, knee and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis. All ages are welcome, and it is never too late, nor too soon, to start your journey to wellness.


We know that health care can seem expensive and take up long periods of your valuable time. That is why at Hollon Family Chiropractic, we strive to tailor your chiropractic plan to best meet the needs of you and your family. Becoming a new patient at Hollon Family Chiropractic is easy! To reach our Jefferson City, MO location please call (573) 636-5433. Or to reach our California, MO location call (573) 464-4361. We look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you obtain wellness at Hollon Family Chiropractic.

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